Welcome to the organic laboratory!

MCTC Multimedia Laboratory Information Source (MLIS)

The MCTC online organic laboratory manual is a project that began spring quarter, 1997 with funds obtained via the MnSCU Electronic Academy program. The project's goal is to increase student success in the organic chemistry laboratory by supplementing text and lecture based laboratory preparation with an online multimedia laboratory information source (MLIS). Photographs, video, text, narration and animation are used to appeal to a broad range of student learning styles. The MLIS is available to students via the internet, the campus-wide intranet as well as CD ROM in the MCTC Learning Assistance Center. Students also have access to the MLIS via multimedia capable computers stationed in the MCTC chemistry laboratories.

The MLIS project is still only in its beginning stages. In its current state, the MLIS includes text, photos and several animations. As development proceeds, additional topics, animations and optional narration will be added. Users are encouraged to send their questions, comments and concerns to kboraas@mctc.mnscu.edu

MCTC Students

Students enrolled in the MCTC organic chemistry laboratory sequence are required to use the MLIS as part of their pre-laboratory preparation. At the start of each laboratory session students will be tested on the material covered in the MLIS and the laboratory textbook (Introduction to Organic Laboratory Techniques...a Small Scale Approach, Pavia, Kriz, Lampman, Engel, Saunders College Publishing, 1998). Students not passing the lab quiz (60% or less) will be allowed to retake it (A different version and only the first quiz's score is recorded). Students not passing the second lab quiz will not be allowed to perform the experiment.

General Instructions

At left you will find a menu bar (for those of you whose browsers support frames). Clicking on a large button (topics menu) displays a new menu bar that further subdivides the topic selected into subheadings. Clicking on any of these subheadings displays the selected material in the main browser frame. To return to the original list of topics, select topics from any menu bar.