Hybrid C1152-02


Principles of Chemistry 2



    Instructor:  Kirk Boraas (kirk.boraas@minneapolis.edu) Spring 2015 Syllabus

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Click here for an introduction to the course
Click  here  for the  Chapter  12  Lectures.

If you have registered for Principles of Chemistry  2 (HYBRID),
please email Kirk Boraas  before the beginning of the semester.


C1152-29  is NOT self-paced.

  • Exams will be scheduled at the beginning of the semester. Two exams are on campus and two exams are online. 
  •  It is up to you to NOT fall behind.
  • Don't take this class unless you are self-motivated, organized and have the time for a challenging course.
  • 15 hours per week minimum time requirement! The more time you spend, the more successful you'll be.
  • Checking daily the D2L website and my blog is highly recommended.
  • High speed internet is required (File Size >20MB).

  • Textbook:  Principles of Chemistry: A Molecular Approach  Author: Nivaldo J. Tro  Publisher: Prentice Hall 

    Chapters 12-18 and 20 are covered in this course.

Communication is very important in this hybrid class.  

  • Lectures: Completely narrated and available on the course's D2L website.

  • Kirk's Daily Blog: The daily blog emphasizes important topics, class announcements and suggestions for study.

  • Discussion Forum: Chapter by chapter discussions of important ideas and homework problems.  If you have a content related question, please post it on the discussion board.

  • Online Office Hours.  No need to come to campus, just log and join in the discussion.  Times TBA.

  • Email:  Used for confidential communication only.  For chemistry related questions, please use the D2L discussion board.


  • Assigned homework problems will be available on the Mastering Chemistry website (www.masteringchemistry.com)
  • You will need to register on the Mastering Chemistry website at the start of the semester (cost~$50).  Registration details available in the syllabus (see link above).

    If you have used Mastering Chemistry in the past two years, you will not have to re-enroll (i.e. you won't have to pay again).
  • Additional homework problems may be assigned throughout the semester.
  • Regular weekly D2L quiz scores will also be incorporated into the homework grades.



  • Two online exams contribute 20% to your course grade. 
  • On Campus mid-semester exam (Ch. 12-15)  
    Contributes 25% to your course grade.
  • On campus end of semester exam (Ch. 16-20)
    Contributes 25% to your course grade.
  • On Campus Cumulative Final Exam (Optional)
    Can  replace lowest on campus semester exam.

  • Refer to the syllabus for more details.

On-Campus Laboratory is required.

  • Be sure to register for any Principles of Chemistry 2 lab section that fits your schedule.  You do not have to attend a Kirk Boraas laboratory section.
  • Students must arrive in the first 10 minutes of lab and pass the laboratory quiz with 60% or better (one attempt) to be able to do the day's experiment.

Lab Materials

  • Lab handouts will be made available in .pdf file format on the C1151 here.



  • The syllabus (see link above) contains a schedule that contains a complete schedule with testing dates. 
    Read it carefully!
Office hours
  • Office hours will be announced early in the semester.
  • Office hours will be held using live internet chat and whiteboard.
  • Additional on-campus office hours will also be announced at the beginning of the semester.


  • 2 ONLINE exams................................................20 % .................................... (Refer to syllabus)
  • *1 Mid-semester Exam (3 hours-on campus).....25%  ....................................(Refer to syllabus)
  • *1 End of semester        (3 hours-on campus).....25 % of course grade...........(Refer to syllabus)
  • Laboratory Quizzes (single lowest score is dropped).............10 % of course grade
  • Laboratory Reports (single lowest score is dropped)............10% of course grade
  • Homework and D2L quizzes ...............................10 %....................................Available at www.masteringchemistry.com website

         *Optional cumulative final exam can be used to replace the lower score of the two on-campus exams.

WARNING....Are you ready to take a challenging course?

Principles of Chemistry 2 might be the most difficult course you’ve taken so far in your college career.  New terminology, abstract concepts and mathematical problem solving all contribute to a demanding course that requires a lot of time spent studying and working problems.  I’ve selected a very good textbook, created narrated lectures and utilized on-line resources to give you the best chance at mastering the material.

However, you must be able to devote yourself to this course and you be reasonable about your responsibilities outside of class.  If you work and have a family, this one course could be too much to manage.  Use the table below to determine what course load is realistic for you.  Keep in mind that courses with required laboratories will require additional work outside of class.

 (Full Time)
 (part time)
Family Recommended Number of Course(s)
Yes No Yes                1   (very challenging)
Yes No No                1
No Yes Yes                1
No Yes No                2
No No Yes                2
No No No                3 (full time student)