Principles of Chemistry 2 Lecture series
Spring 2018: Transitioning to YouTube
*YouTube closed-captioning not yet reviewed for correctness.

Chapter 12 Solutions

1.1 pdf   Video*   Solutions
1.2 pdf   Video*   Like Dissolves Like
1.3 pdf   Video*   Solution Formation Energetics
1.4 pdf   Video*   Solution Energetics Examples
Chapter 16
Applications of Chemical

14.1 pdf   Video* Qualitative Buffer Operation
14.2 pdf   Video* Buffer pH Calculation (H.H. Equ.)
   A. Buffer Calcs: Adding Solid NaOH
14.3 pdf   Video* Bother the Buffer Pre-Equiv. Pt.
14.4 pdf   Video* Bother the Buffer at Equiv. Pt.
14.5 pdf   Video* Bother the Buffer Excess NaOH

2.1  pdf  Video*   Solution Formation Spontaneity
2.2  pdf  Video*   Solubility
2.3  pdf  Video*   Gas Solubility and Henry's Law
  B. Buffer Calcs: Adding Aqueous NaOH
15.1 pdf   Video* Buffer: Initial pH
15.2 pdf   Video* Buffer: pH after 20 mL NaOH
15.3 pdf   Video* Buffer: pH at the half equivalence point
15.4 pdf   Video* Buffer: pH at the equivalence point
15.5 pdf   Video* Buffer: pH with excess NaOH added

3.1  pdf  Video*   Concentrations and Conversions
3.2  pdf  Video*   Colligative Prop: Osmotic Press.
3.3  pdf  Video*   Colligative Prop: Raoults Law
3.4  pdf  Video*   Colligative Prop: Boiling Pt. Elv.
                                            & Freezing Pt. Depr.

16.1 pdf   Video* Solubility and Ksp
16.2 pdf   Video* Solubility and Common Ion Solutions
16.3 pdf   Video* Solubility and Precipitation
16.4 pdf   Video* Precipitation Thresholds
16.5 pdf   Video* Co-precipitation

Chapter 13 Reaction


4.1  pdf   Video*  Reaction Rates
4.2  pdf   Video*  The Reaction Rate Equation
4.3  pdf   Video*  Solving the Reaction Rate Equation
4.4  pdf   Video*  Integrated Rate Equations
4.5  pdf   Video*  Integrated Rate Equation Example

Chapter 17
17.1 pdf   Video* Thermo: First Law
17.2 pdf   Video* Chemical Free Energy
17.3 pdf   Video* Entropy
17.4 pdf   Video* More Particles...More Microstates
Microstates Spreadsheet (requires Excel)

5.1 pdf   Video* Molecular Collisions
5.2 pdf   Video* Catalysts
5.3 pdf   Video* Arrhenius Equation

18.1 pdf   Video* Second Law of Thermodynamics
18.2 pdf   Video* Spontaneity Delta H and Delta S
18.3 pdf   Video* Chemical Spontaneity
18.4 pdf   Video* Threshold Temperatures

6.1 pdf   Video* Type 1 Reaction Mechanisms
6.2 pdf   Video* Type 2 Reaction Mechanisms
19.1 pdf   Video* Gibbs Free Energy
19.2 pdf   Video* Factors Affecting Entropy
19.3 pdf   Video* Non Standard Gibbs Energy
19.4 pdf   Video* Gibbs Free Energy and Equilibrium

Chapter 14 Chemical Equilibrium

7.1 pdf   Video*  Intro. to Chem. Equilibrium
7.2 pdf   Video*  Law of Mass Action
7.3 pdf   Video*  Determining an Equil. Constant
Chapter 18 Electrochem. 20.1 pdf   Video* Oxidation Numbers
20.2 pdf   Video* Oxidation Reactions
20.3 pdf   Video* Balancing REDOX reactions
8.1 pdf   Video*  What Equil. Constants tell us
8.2 pdf   Video*  The Reaction Quotient "Q"
8.3 pdf   Video*  Equilibrium Constants: Recipes
8.4 pdf   Video*  Kc and Kp conversions
21.1 pdf   Video* Spontaneous REDOX reactions
21.2 pdf   Video* Electrochemical Cells: Intro
21.3 pdf   Video* Standard Reduction Potentials
21.4 pdf   Video* Predicting Cell Potentials
9.1 pdf   Video*  Det. Equil. Conc. (perfect square)
9.2 pdf   Video*  Det. Equil. Conc. (quadratic equation)
9.3 pdf   Video*  Equilibria: Simplifying Assumptions
9.4 pdf   Video*  Simplifying Assumptions Concluded
9.5 pdf   Video*  Material Shifts
22.1 pdf   Video* Thermo and Equil. connections
22.2 pdf   Video* The Nernst Equation
22.3 pdf   Video* Concentration Cells
23.1 pdf   Video* Electrolysis (non-spont. REDOX)
23.2 pdf   Video* Common Batteries
23.3 pdf   Video* Corrosion

Chapter 15 Chemical Equilibrium: Acids& Bases

10.1 pdf   Video*  Acid Base Models
10.2 pdf   Video*  Strong/Weak Acid Comp.
10.3 pdf   Video*  Conj. Acid/Base and Recipes
Chapter 20
24.1 pdf   Video* Carbon and Structural Isomers
24.2 pdf   Video* Alkane Nomenclature
24.3 pdf   Video* Alkene Nomenclature
24.4 pdf   Video* Stereo Isomers: Geometric (Cyclic)
24.5 pdf   Video* Stereo Isomers: Geometric (alkene)
11.1 pdf   Video*  Weak Acid Equilibrium and pH
11.2 pdf   Video*  Percent ionization
11.3 pdf   Video*  Intro to Weak Base Equilibrium
25.1 pdf   Video* Aromatic Hydrocarbons (benzene)
25.2 pdf   Video* Functional Groups
                         (alcohols, aldehydes, ketones)
25.3 pdf   Video* Functional Groups
                       (Carboxylic acids, Esters, Ethers, Amines)
12.1 pdf   Video*  Weak/Strong Acids/Bases Compared
12.2 pdf   Video*  Ions and their affect on pH
12.3 pdf   Video*  Ions and their affect on pH Cont.
12.4 pdf   Video*  Polyprotic Acids
26.1 pdf   Video* Optical Isomers
26.2 pdf   Video* Polarimetry
13.1 pdf   Video*  Acid Strength: Bond Length
                     and Bond Polarity
13.2 pdf   Video*  Oxoacids and the Lewis Model
27.1 pdf   Video* Organic Reactions
27.2 pdf   Video* Saponification (Soap Synthesis)