Principles of Chemistry 1
Narrated Lectures
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Chapter 1

1.1  pdf  Video* Chemical and Physical Change    
1.2  pdf  Video*  Measurement
1.3  pdf  Video*  Density          
1.4  pdf  Video*  Dimensional analysis and the metric system
1.5  pdf   Video*  Dimensional analysis example
1.6  pdf  Video*  Rounding             
1.7  pdf  Video*  Significant figures
Chapter 7 7.1 pdf  Video*    Light and Waves
7.2 pdf  Video*    Light and Energy
7.3 pdf  Video*   Light Waves and Calculations
7.4 pdf  Video*    Particles and Waves
7.5 pdf  Video*    Spectroscopy and the Rydberg Equation
7.6 pdf  Video*    Quantum Mechanical Atom
7.7 pdf  Video*    Stationary States and Electron Transitions
7.8 pdf  Video*    Schrodinger Equation and Atomic Quantum Numbers
7.9 pdf  Video*   Atomic Orbitals
7.10 pdf  Video*    Stationary States & Electron Transitions
Chapter 2
2.1  pdf  Video* Atomic Theory
2.2  pdf  Video*   Molecules, formula units and Separation Science
2.3  pdf  Video*  Chemical Bonding
2.4  pdf  Video*  Chemical Nomenclature
Chapter 8
8.1.  pdf  Video*    Electrons in atoms
8.2.  pdf  Video*    Electron Energies
8.3.  pdf  Video*    Electron Energies and Shielding
8.4.  pdf  Video*    Quantum Mechanical Electron Energies
8.5.  pdf  Video*     Aufbau Principle and Electron Configurations
8.6.  pdf  Video*     Electron Configurations and the Periodic Table
8.7.  pdf  Video*     Atomic Trends and Ionization Energy
8.8.  pdf  Video*     Atomic Trends and Electron Affinity
8.9.  pdf  Video*     Atomic Trends, Ionic Size, Magentism

Chapter 3

3.1  pdf  Video*   Introduction to the mole
3.2  pdf  Video*   Balancing Chemical Equations
3.3  pdf  Video*   Calculations with Chemical Equations
3.4  pdf  Video*   Solutions: Molarity and Titrations

Chapter 9 9.1 pdf  Video    Bonding Review
9.2 pdf  Video    Lewis Dot Structures and Ionic Bonding
9.3 pdf  Video    Lattice Energy
9.4 pdf  Video    Covalent Bonding
9.5 pdf  Video   Introduction to Bond Energy
9.6 pdf  Video    Bond Energy Example
9.7 pdf  Video    Bond Lengths and Energies
9.8 pdf  Video    Fuels
9.9 pdf  Video   Electronegativity
9.10 pdf  Video   Bond Polarity
Chapter 4
4.1 pdf  Video*    Electrolytes and Solubility
4.2 pdf  Video*    Molecular total and net ionic Equations
4.3 pdf  Video*    Barium hydroxide and Sulfuric Acid titrations
4.4 pdf  Video*    Oxidation Reduction (REDOX) reactions
Chapter 10 10.1 pdf  Video   Lewis Dot Structures
10.2 pdf  Video    Resonance Structures
10.3  pdf  Video    Formal Charges
10.4  pdf  Video    VSEPR Part I
10.5  pdf  Video    VSEPR Part II
10.6  pdf  Video    Dipole Moments
10.7  pdf  Video    Molecular Polarity

Use the following lectures as you complete your
Molecular Modeling Lab Report

10.8  pdf  Video    Valence Bond Theory 1
10.9  pdf  Video    Valence Bond Theory 2
10.10  pdf  Video  Valence Bond Theory 3
Chapter 5

5.1 pdf  Video*    Gas Pressure
5.2. pdf  Video*    Gas Laws
5.3 pdf  Video*    Gas collection over water
5.4 pdf  Video*    Gas Laws, Density and Molecular Weight
5.5 pdf  Video*    Kinetic molecular theory Part 1
5.6 pdf  Video*    Kinetic molecular theory Part 2

Chapter 11 11.1 pdf  Video    Intermolecular forces and phase changes
11.2  pdf  Video   Heat Calculations
11.3  pdf  Video    Vapor pressure and temperature
11.4  pdf  Video    Phase Diagrams
11.5  pdf  Video    Boiling
11.6  pdf  Video    Intermolecular forces and details.
11.7  pdf  Video    Surface tension
11.8  pdf  Video    Cohesion, adhesion and capilarity
11.9  pdf  Video    Water; a unique substance
Chapter 6

6.1  pdf  Video* Heat Transfer
6.2  pdf  Video*   Heat and Work
6.3  pdf  Video*    State Functions and Enthalpy
6.4  pdf  Video*   Enthalpy Changes
6.5  pdf  Video*    Enthalpy In Chemical Reactions
6.6  pdf  Video*   Calorimetry
6.7  pdf  Video*    Calorimetry: Mixing Solutions
6.8  pdf  Video*    Hess's Law
6.9  pdf  Video*    Hess's Law: Standard State Enthalpy
6.10 pdf  Video*     Bomb Calorimetry